Sustainable Energy Roadmap (SER) is an 18-month effort that launched in Janauary 2015, sponsored by California’s Strategic Growth Council. SER brings together municipal governments, regional planning agencies, community stakeholders, and technical experts to support San Joaquin Valley communities as they pursue goals related to smart growth, transportation, land use, climate, and energy.

Through participating in SER, San Joaquin Valley cities and counties can benchmark their energy and sustainable development policies and programs, identify best practices, and pursue goals that make economic sense for their communities.  The SER approach is a compelling shared services model that provides vetted, easy-to-access information, actionable resources, and tailored assistance to benefit municipalities, their residents, and local businesses.  Benefits of SER participation include:

  • Municipal partner limited program stipend (first 18 agency sign-ups)
  • Environmental & energy policy and program benchmarking
  • Customized Roadmaps focusing on clean energy, transportation, and land use
  • Goal-setting tied to regional & national best practices
  • Policy, program, and project resources and tailored assistance
  • Environmental Justice community engagement
  • Online platform and regional recognition
  • Partnerships with green employers and workforce development organizations

The SER effort has an eye on optimizing outcomes for environmentally disadvantaged communities, while delivering triple bottom line (environment, economy and equity) benefits.  Led by a collective of partners that includes the Regional Policy Council and the Madera County Transportation Commission, public agencies will benefit from regional collaboration and receive technical assistance for implementing climate-friendly policies and programs.

To sign up, please email