The Clean Energy Roadmap is a comprehensive smart growth framework to support communities in their efforts to pursue sustainable solutions for a more efficient building portfolio, cleaner and more resilient energy supply, and low-carbon transportation network, while simulating local green job creation and economic development.

Our platform allows participants to set specific policy and deployment goals related to global best practices in energy & water efficiency, renewable energy & energy storage, and transportation & land use. The objective framework is complemented by a curated resource library with over 1,000 tailored resources that help users achieve their goals. Below is a list of topic areas hosted on the platform.

Energy & Water Efficiency

  • Building envelope
  • Lighting
  • Space heating and cooling (HVAC)
  • Domestic water heating
  • Energy management systems

Renewable Energy & Storage

  • Solar photovoltaics and water heating
  • Small wind turbines
  • Geothermal heat pumps
  • Bioenergy
  • Energy storage

Transportation & Land Use

  • Smart growth
  • Electric vehicle charging
  • Vehicle fleet conversion
  • Bicycle infrastructure
  • Bus rapid transit